What is Nouveaux Talent Management?
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Proud member of the National Conference of Personal Managers.

We are Talent/Personal Managers. As such, we are engaged in the occupation of advising and counseling talent and personalities in the entertainment industry, having the expertise to find and develop new talent and creating opportunities for those artists which we represent.

We act as a day to day liaison between casting affiliates, agencies and others in the entertainment industry regarding commercial, television and feature film projects. We guide the career of our represented talent by overseeing and coordinating their business affairs in every facet of their career often in conjunction with the most noteworthy agencies in New York City.

Note the difference between a management company and an agency. If you choose to sign exclusively with an agency, you are not allowed to receive auditions from other agencies. When you sign with a personal manager, you work with all of the agencies that your management company works with, therefore increasing your number of possible auditions.

Nouveaux works exclusively with all of our clients. We do not allow anyone we represent to work with other companies without our permission. We do make some exceptions but you MUST notify us first of the circumstances so that we may determine the terms. If you do not comply with this condition, you will be eliminated from our roster.